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Allied Health Professions

Project Management Guidance

Guidance documents to assist AHPs with management of projects

The following documents will provide AHP Careers Fellows and other AHPs with guidance in developing and managing projects.

The QI Zone

The Quality Improvement Zone on Turas Learn provides information and resources to support people at all levels of experience to develop their knowledge and lead QI projects  

Project Management Guidance 

Guide to Planning a Project (pdf)

Introduction to Projects and Project Management (ppt)

Guide to Estimating Costs and Creating a Financial Forecast (pdf)

Guide to Analysing Project Resources (pdf)

Guide to Analysing Project Stakeholders (pdf)

Guide to Analysing Project Risks (pdf)

Creating a Project - Information Checklist (xls)

Tools and Templates

Project Charter Example (doc)

Project Charter Template (doc)

Project Initiation Document (doc)

Project Scope Document Template (doc)

Project Plan Template (xls)

Communications Strategy Template (doc)

Financial Tracking Template (xls)

Risk Register Template (doc)

Resource Analysis Toolkit (xls)

RAG Report Template (doc)

Project Team Action Log Template (doc)

Post Project Meeting Review Template (doc)

Lessons Learned Template (doc)