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Skills Maximisation Toolkits

The Uniqueness Excercise, first developed by NES Sonya Lam in 2007 while working in the NHS, has been used by radiographers and other AHP staff to examine their unique contributions to the patient journey, and to ask which aspects could best be managed by others.The excercise has been developed into the skills maximisation process.  It can be used by AHPs and other staff to identify adjustments that make optimum use of staff with various levels of qualification.

The Skills Maximisation Toolkit was initially developed for and by AHPs, but many others are now  benefitting from the Toolkit. The toolkit was first published as 2 volumes in 2007. Following evaluation and feedback it has been enhanced with volumes 3 and 4. The toolkit guides you through 3 stages:

  • Clarifying the patient journey
  • Capturing uniqueness
  • Creating improvement

Skills Maximiation Toolkits

The parts of the workbook requiring participation to record their thoughts and findings are also provided as an appendix in word format to allow you to input your responses in MS Word.

Skills Maximisation Toolkit Podcasts and Transcripts

  1. Helen McFarlane, AHP Programme Director, podcast and transcript provides an overview of the Skills Maximisation Toolkit
  2. Helen McFarlane, AHP Programme Direcotr,  podcast and transcript intended to be used by the AHP Practice Education Leads in leading workshops and focuson the Skills Max
    Toolkit Volumes 1-4 
  3. Helen McFarlane, AHP Programme Director, podcast and transcript discusses the Skills Maximisation Toolkit volumes 5 and 6 

 Powerpoint slides for use by facilitators using the toolkit:

Your Contribution and Evaluation

All AHPs in Scotland are encouraged to provide feedback to NES on the use of the toolkit and you can feedback your views at our survey (external site).  NES is especially keen to hear from AHP teams who have used the toolkit and are keen to share their stories with other AHPs in Scotland.