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6. Staff Attitude

The NHS should welcome patients in a friendly, non-judgemental way.

They should understand the impact of communication support needs on the lives of the people they work with.

Now watch the three video clips that relate to staff attitude:

Video 6: Staff attitude

Dave, Clifford and Bob share their experiences.


So you need to think...

Have I rushed to an assumption that could have affected my judgement and impacted on my attitude?

For example people with communication support needs sometimes think they have been wrongly judged as being drunk or slow, and that attitudes to them have been influenced by that perception.

Quotes from the group were:

"Don't judge a book by its cover."

"Just because I don't walk well or talk well does not mean I cannot think."


The following are a selection of web resources that can support your practice in making communication even better:

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- Meet people living with aphasia [link]
- Anne's story of being in acute care [link]

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