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5. Information

Information that is sent to patients before the visit should be easy to understand and available in the patient's preferred format e.g. Easy Read, CD Rom and patients should understand what the appointment will involve.

Now watch the video clips that relates to Information:

Video 5: Information




So you need to think...

What is the best way for my patient to understand information?

Can I use accessible information that is already available?

Have I prepared my patient for this appointment in a way that is meaningful to them?


The following are a selection of web resources that can support your practice in making communication even better:

Downloadable accessible health leaflets

- Accessible health information on a range of topics [link]
- More accessible communication for health information [link]

Making your information accessible

- Principles of Inclusive communication [link]
- Clear and accessible communication [link]
- Guidance on making your communication accessible [link]
- Making written information easier to understand [link]
- A communication toolkit for adult support and protection [link]

Open source symbols

- Bonnington [link]
- Straight street [link]
- Sclera symbols [link]


We would be grateful if you could give us any feedback you have on the Making Communication Even Better web resource by completing this short questionnaire [link].