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4. Communication Support and Health

NHS staff should know what is the best way to support the communication of a patient before a health appointment or consultation, and have thought that through and prepared for that person.

 - Patients should be supported to prepare for their appointments.

 - NHS staff should be confident about using communication supports.

 - NHS staff must know how a patient communicates pain.

Now watch the two related video clips:

Video 4: Communication Support and Health

Duncan and Donald will share their experiences and tips for how to make things better.


So you need to think...

Do I know how the patient likes to be supported in their communication?

Do I know how they express pain?

Have I asked them what they like?

Have I checked if they have any resources like a health or communication passport which will tell me?

Do I have a pen and paper handy?

Do we have resources like pictorial menus so people can make choices even if they cannot read it?


The following are a selection of web resources that can support your practice in making communication even better:

 - Tool to identify distress in patients who cannot communicate [link]
 - Downloadable Communication Passport for A and E [link]
 - Downloadable Health Passport [link]


Please give us your feedback on Making Communication Even Better:

We would be grateful if you could give us any feedback you have on the Making Communication Even Better web resource by completing this short questionnaire [link].