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1. Booking Appointments and Attracting Attention

Booking appointments and patient contact

NHS staff should think about their system for booking appointments and making contact with staff.  It should be flexible so it can accommodate a range of different communication needs e.g. Skype, e-mail, mobile phones, accessible appointment letters, communication aids.

Attracting Attention

If a person is staying in hospital it is particularly important that staff have thought through how that individual can attract their attention.

Now watch the video clips:

Video 1: Booking Appointments, Contacts and Attracting Attention

Darryal will explain why it is so important that staff understand how people communicate and in particular how they attract attention.


So you need to think...

Can a patient contact my service in a way that suits them?

- Only having one way to make appointments will not suit everyone; some people would prefer text or e-mail, some phone contact, some accessible appointment letters.

Have I checked that the patient can attract staff attention and from the beginning that I can understand their preferred method of communication?


The following are a selection of web resources that can support your practice in making communication even better:

- Download accessible health appointment letters [link]

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We would be grateful if you could give us any feedback you have on the Making Communication Even Better web resource by completing this short questionnaire [link].