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Vision Statements

These explain what is most important to remember about communication from a patient's persepctive, in a variety of healthcare settings.

Each individual vision statement features a video showing individuals sharing their personal experiences of communication in a range of healthcare settings, and difficulties they have enountered - and talking about why each vision statement is important. They also include links to further information and resources that can be used to support you in making communication even better.

Click on the headings or images below to go to each individual vision statement:

1Booking.jpg 1. Booking Appointments, Contacts and Attracting Attention
2Time.jpg 2. Time
3Knowledge.jpg 3. Knowledge of Communication Tools
4Communication.jpg 4. Communication Support and Health
5Information.jpg 5. Information
6staff.jpg 6. Staff attitude
7patient-at-centre.jpg 7. Patient at the Centre
8Physical.jpg 8. Physical Environment
9Patientfeedback.jpg 9. Patient Feedback
10Signage.jpg 10. Signage

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