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About the Project

This project involved sixteen people with communication support needs. They thought about their experience in the health service and how they would like the health service to support them and take account of their needs.

The "Making Communication Even Better" web resource has been developed by NES as one way of supporting Allied Health Professionals and other health staff to make  their communication as effective as possible.

NES invited people with communication support needs (through Communication Forum Scotland) to express their vision for an inclusive health service.

Our partners in delivering this resource were Capability Scotland and Talking Mats.

About the People

The people involved in the project had communication support needs for different reasons:

 - some had had them all their lives (for example, people with cerebral palsy or learning disabilities).

 - some acquired them in later life (for example, through stroke, car accidents, illness, or cancer).

Regardless of what caused their communication support needs, the participants' experiences of using the NHS were similar.

The participants in the project:

 - recognised when they had received good support, and when support had fallen short of good practice.

 - were helpful in suggesting ways for staff to improve services.

Project Workshops

The project involved three workshops. During these workshops the participants came up with ten vision statements, and told their stories about their experiences using the NHS.

These stories have been captured in short video clips and each clip is linked to a vision statement.

Please give us your feedback on Making Communication Even Better:

We would be grateful if you could give us any feedback you have on the Making Communication Even Better web resource by completing this short questionnaire [link].