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Allied Health Professions

Making Communication Even Better

One of the four priorities in the NES AHP Education Strategy "The Next Chapter" was to "work with service users and carers to develop education that supports the principles of inclusive education".

Making Communication Even Better is a learning resource for health, education, social work and voluntary sector staff who want to know and understand how to improve their own communication and make their service more accessible for people with communication support needs. 

It has been created by people with communication support needs. They share their experience of contact with services to help staff understand how to improve communication.

Making Communication Even Better is a  Learner's Workbook which features a series of film clips in which people with communication support needs interview one another or talk direct to camera about their experiences of health and social care. The workbook shows learners how to use the film clips to reflect on their own practice and identify ways to improve their  communication.

The Learner's Workbook is an interactive PDF - if you work through it on-line, it provides links to all of the relevant film clips.



The films and workbook are available in hardcopy (with a DVD) for those unavailable to access the films on-line. If you would like a hard copy DVD and workbook, please contact


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