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Dysphagia resources

Cookery books/recipes

Flour of Scotland Cookery Book

Flour of Scotland Cookery book, which uses the texture descriptors. Is available to buy from The Huntington's Disease Association

Easy to Swallow

A young woman in her 20's with M.E has spent many years putting easy to chew recipes on this site and has been helped by many well known british chefs

I Can't Chew Cookbook

I Can't Chew Cookbook American book which contains a wide variety of meals and includes nutritional information for each one. Available new or used from all good book shops and websites.

MND  Recipe Collection

MND  Recipe collection: Easy to Swallow Meals produced and published by MNDA, this booklet contains a range of meals to suit people with swallowing difficulties.

Information Leaflets/ Other resources

NES funded STARS Project

Has a computer graphic animation of a swallow and describes the signs of swallowing after stroke

MS Society

Provides a leaflet containing information on normal swallow, along with recognition signs and management of dysphagia

Motor Neurone Disease Association

The MNDA has information leaflets along with a DVD /video on swallowing difficulties

Chest Heart and Stroke Scotland

Leaflets and information regarding swallowing problems

Stroke Association

Huntington's Disease Association

Along with the cookbook the HDA has a comprehensive leaflet on swallowing difficulties including consistencies to avoid, improving the eating environment and how to deal with choking.

Alzheimers Society

The society provides a leaflet on dietary information which also contains some information around swallowing and looks at the dining environment.

Ready Prepared Foods

Some companies produce ready made meals and desserts to the right texture. Please google 'meals on wheels' or 'texture modified diets' or 'soft, puréed, ready meals, dysphagia'. Some of these companies will deliver to your home.

Thickening powders

These are available from a number of commercial companies. See the BNF site for details:

Pre - Thickened drinks

Some companies also produce drinks that are ready thickened.

See the BNF site for details:


Disability Living Foundation

Information and advice on disability equipment.

National Guidelines

SIGN Guideline

SIGN Guideline No 119 Management of patients with stroke - Identification and management of dysphagia June 2010

Other Information

PINNT - Patients on Intravenous and naso- gastric nutrition Therapy

Advice and support for patients who are fed enterally

Choking - Resus Council

National Patient Safety Agency NPSA

Provides templates for Therapists to complete patient mealtime information and a comprehensive risk assessment.

Scottish Nutrition and Dietetics Research Institute (Sndri) has become UK wide and you can find it at the following address:

Provides a poster and coloured sheet for SLT's to provide first line information to patients. Giving them pictorial individulal information re suitable diet and fluids consistent with National Descriptors.

Also provides booklets to Dietitians on the different stages of diet, with some examples.