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Dysphagia DVD Introduction

If you have difficulty eating, drinking and swallowing…

Your speech and language therapist, dietitian and other health professionals involved with your care will have given you advice about how to change the texture of your food and drink so it is as safe as possible for you.

Download the video from the NHS Shared Learning website.

Information for Allied Health professionals

Providing advice about the texture of food and drink that is recommended for an individual with dysphagia can be fraught with difficulty.

Typically, therapists have used descriptions such as 'custard thickness' or 'soft diet'. But how I like my custard may or may not be as thick as how you like yours!

The explanations and leaflets that we give to back up the advice can now be enhanced by also providing this DVD. The DVD takes the same meal of soup, mince, carrots and potato and fruit pudding and prepares the meal to four different consistencies. Two drinks - tea and fizzy juice - are also prepared to three different consistencies.