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Calderdale Protocols Portal

The portal provides access to and information about the Calderdale Protocols,
which have been purchased by NES for use within NHS Scotland.  Each protocol
sets out how to carry out tasks and activities such as rehab effectively and
safely. They are designed to assist in delegation of tasks to health and care
support workers. They are also useful for registered practitioners in skill
sharing and role blurring services e.g. between physiotherapy and occupational
therapy. There are over 500 protocols, covering a range of AHP, nursing and
other roles and settings.

The portal will be invaluable as you redesign your services. The protocols
will help you achieve clarity and consistency for the range of tasks and
activities that are carried out within your service by a wide range of
individuals within your teams.

If you would like to join a "how to use Calderdale Protocols" learning session please contact us via Sessions will be delivered by telephone and computer Webex or one of NES staff can come to you.

To find out more about the Calderdale Protocols please click here