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SCP Scottish Forum

The Scottish Forum is essentially the “Scottish Board” of the SCP and its role is essentially a lobbying/campaigning one

Typical business discussed at Group

There is a standing section of the agenda for reports from the various Forum members, other items have included NHS financial constraints, decontamination of instruments, reshaping care for older people, podiatric surgery and the creation of this Podiatry Advisory Forum

Who is represented on the Group?

See terms of reference below for membership, but please note the Forum is an internal Society of Chiropodists & Podiatrists group and is therefore restricted to podiatrists who are members of the SCP


Please see terms of reference below

Can / How do AHPs become members of the Group?

Only open to SCP members

If an AHP wanted something raised in your Group, how would they go about this?

Get in touch with a Forum member / Scottish Policy Officer. Also AHPFS rep ( frequently but not always the Scottish Liaison officer) and Scottish Policy Officer attend AHPFS meetings and report back to the Forum

Where would an AHP get more information about the Group / Network?

On the website:  The website has two versions -  a public site and a members site.  For SCP members minutes etc are available here


Useful links: