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Allied Health Professions

Practice Development Group for Paediatrics

This group aims to develop national evidence based protocols for podopaediatric care, to share relevant education /training resources, to share approaches to the management of children's foot problems, to encourage relevant research & audit in the field of podopaediatrics and to identify gaps in the provision of care across Scotland

Typical business discussed at Group

The group has been involved in developing a poster with QIS and carrying out audit of paeds issues in health boards across Scotland and recently contributing to collaborative conference

Who is represented on the Group?

Any podiatrist who wishes to attend meetings


Michael Gates

Can / How do AHPs become members of the Group?

Join through the Knowledge Network site

If an AHP wanted something raised in your Group, how would they go about this?

There is a discussion forum on the Knowledge Network site

Where would an AHP get more information about the Group/Network?

The Knowledge Network site