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Introducing the NHSScotland NEWS and Sepsis Screening Tool app

Introducing the NHSScotland NEWS and Sepsis Screening Tool app

"Every 3 to 4 seconds someone dies of Sepsis. Our aim in NHSScotland is to change that. This App makes it easy to do the right thing for our patients and ensure that the right patient, receives the right treatment at the right time." Professor Kevin Rooney (NHSScotland National Clinical Lead for the National Sepsis Collaborative)

We are delighted to announce the launch of the NHSScotland NEWS and Sepsis Screening Tool app in collaboration with the Scottish Patient Safety Programme.

Reducing the mortality rates from Sepsis is one of the priority areas of the Scottish Patient Safety Programme and this app has been developed to support increased awareness of sepsis and sepsis screening amongst clinical staff.

Key Features

  • A National Early Warning Scoring System (NEWS) calculator to alert clinicians to the deteriorating patient and acute illness
  • A Sepsis Screening tool for the prompt recognition and the timely initiation of treatment of patients with Sepsis.
  • An outline of the Sepsis 6 care bundle for the treatment of Sepsis
  • An algorithm to help identify Organ Dysfunction, Severe Sepsis, Septic Shock and when to escalate care for the individual patient.

The app is currently only available for iPhone and iPad however work  is underway to develop the app for Android devices.

Search for "news sepsis" in the app store to find the app or download here.
Alternatively you can access the app from the mobile knowledge area of The Knowledge Network at

NHS Education for Scotland is currently in the process of registering the app with the Medicines and Healthcare products Regulatory Agency (MHRA) as a medical device.

The NEWS Calculator and Sepsis Screening tool available in this app are derived from current evidence and best practice, however they are intended to be applied alongside sound clinical judgement.  NHS Education for Scotland is not responsible or liable for any diagnosis or intervention made by a user based on the calculator/screening tool within this app. We are also not responsible for any 3rd party advertising or content advised on any of the sites.

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