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Pertussis (whooping cough)

Important notice for practitioners: 6th April 2016

On Wednesday the 6th April Public Health England has published an updated chapter relating to Pertussis.

Practitioners are advised to go to the Green book chapter to update themselves in relation to these revisions.

Key Points:
In February 2016 JCVI advised that maternal pertussis immunisation can take place from week 16 of pregnancy (Eberhardt et al.,2016; JCVI February 2016 minute).

Pregnant woman should be offered a single 0.5ml does of dTaP/IPV vaccine. Vaccine should be offered to woman in every pregnancy. Vaccination should be offered between gestational weeks 16 and 32 to maximise the likelihood that the baby will be protected from birth.

Woman may still be immunised after week 32 of pregnancy but this may not offer as high a level of passive protection to the baby. Vaccination late in pregnancy may, however, directly protect the mother against disease and thereby just reduce the risk of exposure to her infant.

Workforce Education resources February 2018
The resources below have been updated to reflect these changes.

FAQs -Vaccination against pertussis (Whooping cough)-An update for registered healthcare practitioners

Slides (PDF)

Slides (Office365 read only)

Slides with notes (PDF)

Resources last reviewed February 2018

Please note:  These educational resources continue to be updated as required to support this programme but do not replace the clinical judgement of practitioners. Practitioners should refer to the Public Health England Green Book Chapter when administering the vaccine.