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Midwives and Medicines

Midwives and Medicines Third edition, interactive version

The second edition of Midwives and Medicines, published in June 2011, was developed in parallel to the work on a national formulary of medicines for midwives which was developed at Healthcare Improvement Scotland.


The document seeks to inform, raise awareness and clarify understanding on the legislative opportunities and constraints pertinent across professional and service boundaries. It is  designed to be used by midwives, doctors, pharmacists, service managers, clinical educators, Accountable Officers and their teams and higher education colleagues.

As part of the joint Midwives and Medicines project between Healthcare Improvement Scotland and NHS Education for Scotland, it was agreed that NHS Education for Scotland would develop an educational resource to accompany the third edition of Midwives and Medicines.


The third edition, interactive PDF which follows enables midwives to engage actively with the Midwives and Medicines document by following links to legislation and other supporting documentation, to test and deepen their knowledge through the completion of short questionnaires based on the information provided in the document and to undertake further on line reading through the web enabled bibliography.


This edition of the Midwives and Medicines (October 2012) document also includes new updated information relating to the changes in legislation in relation to midwives' exemptions and the administration of medicines by student midwives which came into force in July 2011.


We hope that midwives across Scotland will find this document a valuable resource in strengthening their knowledge of their role and responsibilities in relation to the supply and administration of medicines.




Dr Mary Ross-Davie

Educational Projects Manager

Midwifery and Reproductive Health

Helene Marshall

Project Lead - Director of Scottish

Multi-Professional Maternity Development Unit



We are interested to hear your views about the resource, how useful it has been for you and what other resources may be helpful to you in relation to your role and medicines, please complete the quick online feedback questionaire at the end of the document


Project Contacts

Educational Projects Manager, Mary Ross-Davie
Project Coordinator, Wayne Duffy