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Healthcare Associated Infections

Preventing Infection in Care

This programme will provide a nationally recognised and approved resource which all care providers in Scotland can use free of charge to ensure all staff are trained in Infection Prevention and Control principles.

NB. This resource is currently under review and a revised version will be available April 2016.


The programme is intended for care homes for the older person but has transferability to all care home environments and care at home.

This educational resource is available as a DVD programme and includes a supporting CD. The resource is only available for health and social care staff in Scotland.

We have created a video clip page which will allow you to view the videos contained in the DVD on this website.

You can also download the train the trainer notes, workbook and the DVD unit scripts from the DVD and CD resource page.

The DVD offers two resources:

Induction Module

Available for all care home staff, this module is based on the Health Protection Scotland Standard Infection Control Precautions providing an assurance of core knowledge and understanding by new and existing staff.  The module includes pause points for self reflection by staff on the content viewed or provides trainers with key points for discussion with staff on local policies/procedures.

Educational Programme

An extended educational programme based on the Health Protection Scotland Standard Infection Control Precautions with workplace activities and certificate of completion.  The programme explores the following areas in more detail:

  • Causes of infection
  • Specific Infections
  • Outbreaks of Infections
  • Introduction to Standard Infection Control Precautions
  1. Hand Hygiene
  2. Personal Protective Equipment
  3. Respiratory Hygiene and Cough Etiquette
  4. Management of Blood and Body Fluid Spillages
  5. Occupational Exposure Management
  6. Control of the Environment
  7. Care in the most appropriate place
  8. Management of Linen
  9. Safe Management of Waste

The CD offers three resources

  • Transcripts of the DVD programme
  • Guidance and web links to further reading on subject matter for both the induction module and the extended educational programme
  • A workbook which accompanies the DVD is available here.  This will help to consolidate learning and feature a range of activities for completion either individually or as a team. You can choose from a printable black and white version or a colour interactive pdf version which you can complete on your computer and save in your files.  The workbook also contains a statement of completion.

The DVD/CD was widely distributed to health and social care staff in Scotland throughout September 2011, however if you have not received your copy and wish to request a DVD please email with your contact details and full postal address.

For your interest we have provided the implementation evaluation templates, scripts, trainers notes and printable workbook and answer book for your information on our website at our preventing infection in care resource page

In addition the video clips from the DVD, and the scripts, trainers notes and workbook from the CD have been uploaded to the Institute for Research and Innovation in Social Services (IRISS) learning exchange.

This educational material has been funded by the Scottish Government HAI Task force and has been supported throughout its development by a Curriculum Advisory Group of Key Stakeholders.

Resource launched 2011, last reviewed 2012. Currently under review September 2015.