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Healthcare Associated Infections

HAI News

You can keep up-to-date with all the latest developments here or by subscribing to the bi-monthly HAI E-bulletin.  


Development Opportunity

An exciting development opportunity has arisen for a highly motivated individual with infection prevention and control experience to join the HAI Team at NES on a short term basis by way of a Service Level Agreement. The individual will work at a national level supporting a wide range of educational projects within the HAI portfolio of work. The development opportunity is offered for a 3 month period at agenda for change band 7 and full or part-time applications will be considered.  Expressions of interest are requested by 1st December 2014. Download the development opportunity document for full details. 


Stop PU day 2014Supporting Stop Pressure Ulcers Day 

Pressure ulcers can be devastating for the people they affect, they cause pain and distress and reduce a person’s ability to get on with their day-to-day lives. Pressure ulcers can affect people of all ages and make them vulnerable to infections.   Most pressure ulcers are preventable. Knowing how pressure ulcers form, how they are treated and most importantly how they can be prevented is the key to reducing the burden on patients and carer’s and reducing costs to the NHS.  We have invested in supporting pressure ulcers education and training. You can find out resources at our website.


EAAD 2014

18th November is European Antibiotic Awareness Day. Why is this so important?

Over the last century the development and use of antibiotics has revolutionised our ability to treat infections. However as antibiotics have developed so have resistant organisms meaning that antibiotics are increasingly losing their effectiveness creating a public health issue.  Help support European Antimicrobial Awareness Day by taking the Antibiotic Guardian pledge and play your role.   Watch the NES video on antimicrobial resistance and stewardship to find out more and take a look at the website to find a range of educational resources to support antimicrobial prescribing, administering and monitoring.  

Ebola - Viral Haemorrahagic Fever - November 2014

Educational resources to support healthcare staff in the management of ebola are now available.  Visit the webpage.

HAI awareness events - coming your way Spring 2015

The HAI Team are currently working with a Planning Group comprising stakeholder representatives to develop regional events for acute and non acute frontline healthcare staff of all professional disciplines.  The aim of the events is to focus on HAI awareness raising and changing behaviours to promote good practice in infection prevention and control.  The events will be held between April and June 2015.  Further details will be available in early December 2014.

HAI Standards - October 2014

The consultation period for the revision to the 2008 “National Standards for Healthcare Associated Infection (HAI)” has come to a close with NES heavily involved in the education element. The standards align with the National Infection Prevention and Control Manual (2013) and both documents are key for healthcare organisations to adhere to and ensure robust HAI practice and policy.  Visit HIS website for details.

Latest edition of HAI e-bulletin out - October 2014

The latest addition of the HAI e-bulletin is out - download your copy.

Infection Prevention is everyone’s business – October 2014

International Infection Prevention Week (19-25 October 2014) raises awareness of the role infection prevention plays to improve patient safety and promotes the belief that everyone plays a role and has responsibility for infection prevention. International infection prevention week is a good time to celebrate the work that is being done to reduce healthcare associated infections in NHSScotland and engage patients in their own care.

NES have developed a range of education resources to support health and social care staff to play their role in preventing and controlling infections.  Take a look at the educational programmes, online short courses and training resources.

The Standard Infection Control Precautions (SICPs) campaign highlights the ten vital steps that must be taken by all healthcare staff at all times to minimise the risk of infection and ensure the safety of patients and staff. Make sure you are familiar with the steps. Visit

Supporting Global Handwashing day – 15th October 2014

Global Hand washing day aims to create renewed awareness about the importance of hand washing and to inspire increased investment in hand washing efforts. Performing hand hygiene is one of the most important thing you can do to help reduce the spread of infections like MRSA, C.diff (Clostridium difficile) and norovirus.  There are a number of resources available for you to use locally and we would encourage you to take the time to review the WHO 5 Moments for Hand Hygiene.   NES have developed educational resources to support infection prevention and control with hand hygiene an important element to the education.  These resources include:

Promoting Hand Hygiene in Healthcare
HAI Induction/Refresher Training Programme
Preventing Infection in Care and Preventing Infection in Care at Home

Help support Global handwashing day – practice good hand hygiene and spread the word #IWashMyHands or #Choosehandwashing 

Scottish Improvement Skills - September 2014

A free of charge hands on programme to develop the skills, knowledge and confidence to lead, plan and deliver local improvement projects. See the flyer for an outline of the programme and register using the booking form. Visit the QI Hub for more information.

Supporting World Sepsis Day - September 2014

World Sepsis Day is the 13th September and is organised by The Global Sepsis Alliance. NES is delighted to be supporting this and to highlight and build on the energy and enthusiasm within NHSScotland to improve outcomes for patients by reinforcing the message that infection prevention is key to reducing mortality and harm from Sepsis. NES has a range of resources, tool and and networks to support health and social care staff.  Visit the web page for more information or the QI Hub to view an awareness raising video. 

Latest edition of HAI e-bulletin out - August 2014

The latest addition of the HAI e-bulletin is out - download your copy. Subscribe to receive your copy at HAI e-bulletin

Cleanliness Champions Programme - recent changes - August 2014

A new webpage has been launched to provide news, updates and changes in respect of the Cleanliness Champions Programme.  Guidance in relation to signing off the folder of evidence in learnPro is provided as well as important information about a new set of multiple choice questions for each unit of the programme.  Please take the time to visit the new webpage to familiarise yourself with the changes and information and forward the details onto colleagues locally who are involved with the Cleanliness Champions Programme.  Further information is available at:

Antimicrobial stewardship – feedback on nursing/midwifery learning needs required to aid education programme development - July 2014

NES in conjunction with the Scottish Antimicrobial Prescribing Group are seeking to ascertain feedback by way of an online survey to aid in the development of an education programme to meet the learning needs of nurses and midwives in relation to antimicrobial stewardship.  The survey has been endorsed by Ros Moore, Chief Nursing Officer and Director at the Scottish Government. Responses are completely anonymous and will only be utilised by the project team. Please take the time to complete the survey by 29th August 2014 using the link
Exploring the role of Nurses and Midwives in Antimicrobial Stewardship

Earlier news articles can be found on the news archive page.