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The Power of Apology

Watch the video clip which uses the example of an apology to demonstrate the importance of knowing what message you are giving (in terms of what you say, how you say it and how your values and attitudes are reflected)

From your own experience, think of a time when someone has apologized to you using the 'right' words but you have sensed that their underlying attitudes or values were not consistent with what they said. What did you notice most?


Sometimes it can be quite hard to put this kind of experience into words but it just doesn't feel right; at times this can be subtle and other times it is very obvious.

Read the Power of Apology article from NES' Focus Magazine - Spring 2010 (pdf)


In the video clip and the Power of Apology article Dorothy mentions the 3 R's tool which you can use in everyday practice to de-escalate situations and manage tension or conflict (in the clip Dorothy added an R to include reflection).

Take a moment to think of a recent situation where you could have used the 3 R's. Remember this doesn't have to be a really complex situation that resulted in long discussions. The 3 Rs tool can be just as useful to mange everyday events and irritations and can prevent these from blowing up into bigger issues.