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Seeking Patient Feedback

Feedback from patients, families and carers is key to supporting improvements in communication and relationships. It can:

  • improve how staff and services engage with and respond to patients, families and carers
  • let staff know that their relationship with patients and others is recognised and valued
  • understand more about how patients want staff to engage and communicate with them
  • monitor the quality of communication with patients over time
  • raise awareness of efforts to continually improve
  • assess patient reactions to changes recently made or being planned

There are many tried and tested ways to gather patient, family and carer feedback which can be used (or adapted) to focus specifically on the quality of communication.  These include patient diary, survey or feedback wall, collection of patient stories or direct observation of care. Depending on how they are used these can give individual feedback or team/service level feedback. The NHS Grampian Staff Toolkit - Improving Patient and Carer Experience includes technique cards explaining each of the above methods and providing tips and advice in a succinct and practical way.