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Communicating, Connecting, Caring

Organisational Review Tool

Use this quick review tool to help you to reflect on where your organisation or team does well and where there might be areas to improve


The environment or culture of the team, or the wider organisation, influences how people communicate and engage with each other.  This includes things like the values, beliefs, norms and customs of the team.  Understanding these values and attitudes towards communication is a key part of planning action and is vital in securing "buy-in" from individuals and managers.

The review tool asks questions to help you to think about how you can develop a culture that is supportive of real improvements in communication and relationships in everyday practice. 

Bear in mind that a review like this one can be done by a number of people at different levels or roles within your team or organisation.  They may have a very different view or experience of the culture than you do.  It may be worth discussing this with your organisational development or continuing professional development department to find out if others have conducted similar exercises.