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Trainee Information

Information for Foundation pharmacists (FPs)  and Expert Professional Practice  EPP) Pharmacists. 

General information for Foundation and EPP training is detailed below.

  • Specific information about Expert Professional Practice (EPP) Training can be found on the EPP web pages

Foundation training takes approximately 2 - 3 years to complete and equips pharmacists early in their career with a broad range of 'general' skills to enable them to gain a wide variety of experience within various sectors of Pharmacy practice.

What is the curriculum?

Pharmacists undertaking this training are required to complete a competency framework, undertake some underpinning knowledge ( Core resources) and develop a structured reflective personal online eportfolio. There is a Guidance Document, Resources Booklet and an Assessment Handbook to help you get started on your training pathway.

How do I  document my evidence?

There are a variety of templates and forms within the NHS eportfolio that should be used to record your evidence. Some are located within the Resources section of the eportfolio ( e.g. care plans, case studies) and some are pre set within the main section of eportfolio ( the logs / forms section).For clinical case studies and care plans the word document templates within the Resources section of your eportfolio. Please do not use the pre set templates that are not word documents that are located within the logs / forms section of eportfolio.There is guidance within the introductory text of the competency framework that advises on the selection and completion of evidence. It is advisable to download the competency framework that is located within the Resources section of the eportfolio to help you get started.

What support is available?

Pharmacists are supported throughout their training by:

There are also a variety of different formats of support

  • Assessor training sessions
  • Induction events
  • In Training Reviews (ITRs) -  EPP only
  • Bite Size training sessions - delivered by PECs regionally

For all details of training sessions (face to face events) please see Portal.

For details of ITRs please see your eportfolio.

  • Link to Portal 
  • To request VC access please contact with your VC details (location, room, dial in code) at least 5 working days prior to the training session.

 What do I do if my tutor changes?

If your tutor changes e mail with your name and your new tutor's details ( name, e mail address).

What are the benefits of completing training?

Foundation training provides pharmacists early in their career with opportunities to decide in which area they would like to work in, in the future.

On completion of this General Foundation Training Programme pharmacists normally go on to study for a postgraduate qualification or continue with training in an area of Expert Professional Practice (EPP).

Evidence from the various training frameworks can be used as evidence for developing your RPS foundation and RPSFaculty portfolio.

For more information contact