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What is the assessment process for (VT3) Expert Professional Practice?

For EPP training there are In Training Reviews (ITRs). a portfolio assessment and  a final face - to face assessment.

All trainees should attend at least ONE ITR throughout their training. Video Conference (VC) facilities may be used to attend an ITR. The trainee needs to attend the final face - to - face assessment in person.

In Training Reviews (ITRs) are sessions where trainees meet with members of the Specialist Interest Group (SIG), deliver a presentation of a clinical case and as part of the presentation detail their training progress to date and their objectives for the next 3-6 months of training.

All trainees should attend ITRs to enable peer learning. Each trainee receives written feedback from NES, after the session.

The sessions  are  generally at NES, Glasgow after 3 months and 3 monthly thereafter until completion of the module. VC facilities are available.

A portfolio assessment is then held prior to a face - to - face assessment about 3 weeks later.

The final face - to face ssessment lasts approximately 1 hour and is a discussion about your portfolio by an assessment panel comprising of NES, an expert in the area of practice and an external assessor.

For a flow diagram of the VT2/VT3 assessment process > Click here