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Performance Enhancement

Scottish Collaboration for the Enhancement of Pre-registration Nursing (SCEPRN)

Facilitated by NHS Education for Scotland, this group has representation from all universities offering pre-registration nursing programmes in Scotland and was established in 2010 to address the implications of the revised NMC standards for pre-registration education.

Since then it has widened its remit to work together to consider a wide range of factors that impact on programme provision at pre-registration level.

The group has evolved into a forum for sharing experiences, good practice, ideas and learning among partners across institutions to support high quality, evidence-based education programmes. Apart from regular meetings, the group also hosts regular conferences.

The last event was held November 2013 at Heriot-Watt University, Edinburgh, and took an innovative approach to student engagement.

The group also collectively undertakes projects in specific areas where shared outcomes are likely to benefit all the partners, with the following identified as key topics:

Identifying Good Practice In Fitness To Practice

Identifying Good Practice in Fitness to Practice Processes in Higher Education Institutes in Scotland (March 2014)

This project was carried out in order to identify good practice in Fitness to Practise (FtP) processes in pre-registration nursing education in Scotland.

Assessing the Validity of a National Assessors Equivalency Tool

Assessing the Validity of a National Assessors Equivalency Tool (March 2014)

This is the second stage of a project on ‘Due Regard’. Project one explored and investigated Due Regard in practice in Scotland. This second project evaluated a pilot of the effectiveness and validity of a practice learning environment Equivalency Tool for non-nurse practice learning environments, usually non-NHS.

Nursing Students' Perspectives of User/Carer Involvement in their Practice Assessment

Nursing Students' Perspectives of User/Carer Involvement in their Practice Assessment across Scotland’s Higher Educational Institutes (March 2014)

This is an updated research and literature review commissioned by NES to investigate the 2010 NMC recommendation from the perspective of student nurses involved in pre-registration nursing programmes in Scotland’s HEIs.

Service user and carer involvement in programmes

Evaluation of Current Practices to Involve Service Users and Carers in Practice Assessment in 11 Higher Education Institutes (HEIs) in Scotland (March 2013)

A focus on the development of a specifically Scottish approach to user and carer involvement, scoping how it is being delivered across the country, identifying best practice and setting out how it can be done better.

"Due Regard" in practice learning and assessment.

An exploration of the interpretation and application of the use of Due Regard in Pre Registration Nursing Programmes (March 2013)

Due Regard relates to ensuring NMC-approved processes are in place to enable students to achieve the required standards of proficiency for safe and effective practice, defining crucial details such as the appropriate clinical backgrounds, experience and expertise of mentors in clinical placements.


November 2013, Heriot Watt University, Edinburgh

The conference was aimed at students, mentors and those interested in pre-registration nursing education.

Keynote speaker: Professor Brian Webster, Edinburgh Napier University

Each of the four workshops were facilitated by nursing students, and gave attendants an opportunity to join them and learn about issues within key topic themes:

  • Ways of Teaching and Learning
  • Professionalism and Fitness for Practice
  • Practice Learning
  • Meaningful Engagement with Service Users and Carers

Presentations from the Workshops

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