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ECCF Fellows

Nurses and Midwives who have undertaken The Early Clinical Career Fellowship from 2011 to 2016


Surname Forename Cohort NHS Board
Bann Alex ECCF 2015 NHS Fife
Buchan Dawn ECCF 2012 NHS Ayrshire & Arran
Conlin Katie ECCF 2015 NHS GGC
Connelly Alan ECCF 2012 NHS Lothian
Crooks Timothy ECCF 2014 NHS Dumfries & Galloway
Edgar Mahri ECCF 2011 NHS Fife
Firth Pamela ECCF 2014 National Waiting Times Centre
Gabor Amanda ECCF 2011 NHS Lothian
Gardner Sarah ECCF 2011 NHS Forth Valley
Harris Louise ECCF 2012 NHS Fife
Henderson David ECCF 2012 NHS 24
Johnstone Claire ECCF 2011 NHS Tayside
Johnstone Craig ECCF 2011 NHS GGC
Kane Paul ECCF 2011 NHS Tayside
Laing Richard ECCF 2012 NHS Lothian
MacDonald Debbie ECCF 2011 NHS GGC
McConnell Jamey ECCF 2011 NHS Fife
Mitchell Fiona ECCF 2012 NHS Grampian
Morrow Margaret ECCF 2012 NHS Lothian
Pirie Danielle ECCF 2012 NHS Grampian
Proudfoot Stephanie ECCF 2014 NHS Lothian
Shields Liam ECCF 2011 NHS Tayside
Smith Marie Anne ECCF 2012 NHS GGC
Thomson Cheryl ECCF 2015 NHS Tayside
Tsang Sindy ECCF 2011 NHS GGC
Watkins Leanne ECCF 2011 NHS Lothian





Cohort NHS Board
Armstrong Elaine ECCF 2011 NHS Tayside
Barron Kim ECCF 2011 NHS Ayrshire & Arran
Bell Steven ECCF 2012 NHS Dumfries & Galloway
Bradley Robert ECCF 2015 NHS Grampian
Chapman Catherine ECCF 2012 NHS Lothian
Coupland Gillian ECCF 2011 NHS Dumfries & Galloway
Davidson Kenneth ECCF 2012 NHS Lothian
Donaldson Yvonne ECCF 2011 NHS Fife
Grice Debra ECCF 2015 NHS Borders
Harvey Richard ECCF 2011 NHS GGC
Kenny  David  ECCF 2012  NHS Lothian 
Limond Kathryn  ECCF 2015  NHS Ayrshire & Arran 
McAdam  Clair  ECCF 2015  NHS Lothian 
McAuley  Maria  ECCF 2014  NHS Dumfries & Galloway
McLelland Natalie ECCF 2012 NHS Ayrshire & Arran
Ridler Billy ECCF 2014 NHS Grampian
Stafford Fiona ECCF 2011 NHS Lothian
Wallace Clare ECCF 2015 NHS Lothian
Warrender Dan ECCF 2012 NHS Grampian

Surname Forename Cohort NHS Board
Abdulla  Samuel  ECCF 2014 NHS Lothian
Braid Nicola  ECCF 2014  NHS Fife 

Surname Forename Cohort NHS Board
Baggot Julie  ECCF 2011  NHS Lothian 
Khedim  Cher-Antonia  ECCF 2014  NHS Lothian

Surname Forename Cohort NHS Board
Anderson Alison ECCF 2011 NHS GGC 
Bird  Gaynor  ECCF 2011  NHS GGC 
Hull  Jenny  ECCF 2015  NHS Forth Valley 
Humphrey  Sarah  ECCF 2014  NHS Grampian
Miscioscia  Emily  ECCF 2015  NHS Tayside 
Morrison  Joanne  ECCF 2015  NHS Grampian 
Pullinger  Heather  ECCF 2015  NHS Lothian 
Mackay  Nicola  ECCF 2012  NHS Grampian 
Winters  Kathryn  ECCF 2012  NHS Grampian