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Business and Administrative Services

Business and Administrative Services

There are approximately 29,000 staff across NHSScotland working in Business & Administrative Services making it one of the largest staff groups in the health service. These services cover a wide range of different occupations and professions, from those focused on delivering services directly to or for patients, to those needed to support all of the business functions of such a large organisation.

By funding the development of a number of workstreams and producing a range of publications NES is committed to supporting the learning and development of NHSScotland staff in these areas.

Current publications and resources for Business & Administrative Staff can be accessed via the Publications page on this section.

For staff working in Estates & Facilities roles please go to the Estates & Facilities section of this website. (LINK)

On this page you will find information on:

The ACS Project

The ACS Project for Administrative and Support Services Staff was established in 2006 and in 2007 a national scoping study was undertaken to establish the key issues for NHSScotland staff working in Business & Administrative and Estates & Facilities roles.  A series of key recommendations were agreed and a range of workstreams were identified to take forward the work of the project. A report based on the scoping study can be found via this LINK.

The Education Pathway for Business & Administration staff

Launched in July 2015 by NES The Education Pathway for Business & Administration staff is a document which shows all the qualifications a member of staff can complete as they progress in their learning. The Education Pathway provides information about accredited qualifications which can support people working in the Business & Administration job families and identifies the qualifications relevant for the different roles within these areas.  The Education Pathway is an important tool to support:

  • personal and career development through Personal Development Planning and Review (PDPR)
  • workforce planning -  to ensure the right number of people with the right skills are employed in the right place at the right time to deliver organisational objectives.
  • succession planning – to identify and develop current staff who have the potential to become future leaders or senior managers

An interactive online version of the pathway can accessed by clicking on this LINK.

Using Education Pathways in NHSScotland - a guide to support staff in Business & Administration and Estates & Facilities

To support the Education Pathways in NHSScotland, NES has produced a short user guide to help staff make the most of the information provided on the pathways. The guide is relevant to all staff working in Business & Administration and Estates & Facilities roles including:

  • staff looking to progress in their learning
  • KSF Reviewers
  • Workforce Planners
  • Senior Management
  • Learning & Development and Human Resources.

An interactive online version of the guide can be viewed by clicking on this LINK.

Modern Apprenticeships (MAs) in NHSScotland

NES has worked with Skills Development Scotland and a number of NHS Boards to produce two guides on Modern Apprenticeships, each designed to help NHSScotland make the most of MAs:

  • Working to Learn and Learning to Work - is an introductory guide that describes the features of MAs and helps you decide if MAs are right for your context.
  • Moving Forward with Modern Apprenticeships - guides you through the different steps needed to set up and run an effective MA Programme. With access to a wide range of resources to support the development stages of your new programme and case studies showing how MA Programmes work in a number of NHSScotland Boards.
  • Timeline for Workforce Planning - a time frame to support collaborative working with MA providers and to facilitiate NHS workforce planning for MAs. This timeline should be use in conjunction with Moving Forward with Modern Apprenticeships.

Further information and links to all resources can be found on the Modern Apprenticeships page of the NES website.

The Administrative Skills Map: A Guide to Core Skills for Administrators

The Administrative Skills Map project, developed by NES in partnership with a number of NHS Health Boards, aimed to describe the skills needed by all administrative staff, wherever they work, and to show how these skills develop as you progress from Band 2 to Band 5.

This interactive pdf provides detailed information on the core skills needed by administrators. As well as information about how the map was developed, the guide contains:

  • an overview of the skills required at each band (2-5) showing how these change as you progress up the levels
  • 'Band profiles' which provide more detailed information about the skills profiles at each band (2-5) and how each skills area relates to the NHS Knowledge & Skills Framework (KSF).

Case Studies These case studies show how the skills map has been used in 5 different NHSScotland Boards.